Who Am I?


This is me: when you are doing what you opened your business for, and you are not bothered with anything around it – this is the time I am happy the most.

Imagine yourself waking up in the morning, going over the morning routine, eating breakfast at home, or not…, and start feeling this urge to start and open your business for the day. Without worrying over administrative tasks, chores, errands, and day-to-day communication. Just looking forward to the do your best, and nothing more. Have the confidence that your business is in good hands. Hands that take great care in fulfilling all those tasks. Hands that you trust with your eyes closed.

Even without you, important, yet boring, tasks take care of themselves. You have the peace of mind and time to focus on crucial tasks. Tasks that do move your business forward, to the next level, and to the next level. Actually, those boring tasks take care of themselves with very minimal intervention.

I create a “protective bubble” around you and your business. A protective bubble that takes care of all boring and non-essential tasks, chores, errands, day-to-day communication, etc. Synchronize between the website and the CRM? Yes. Between the website and mailing lists? Also yes. Having the mailing system send follow up messages over WhatsApp/SMS? Yap. Align between product shipments and inventory? Also there. Automatically notify on upcoming delivery? Yes.

The protective bubble shields you from the not-so-you tasks.

In addition to taking care of all the not-so-you items, the protective bubble takes care of the daily interaction with your people. Making sure that not a single person is left unattended, and making sure to keep the interaction meaningful and continuous in the eyes of that person.

Who Am I? Hi, I Am Sagi

My name is Sagi and throughout almost 30 years I absorbed the many aspects of technology, and the technology’s interaction with people. In the last three years I have developed the eMarketing Optimization system. The system can perform almost any of the not-so-you tasks in your business.